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Cartoon Camp

Summer Enrichment Camp

Not your typical summer camp!

Nature Class
Outdoor Education
Playing in Sand

Led by a Pediatric Occupational Therapist to support your child's "just right challenge"

Research is showing what occupational therapists have known for a long time: Adequate, unstructured time outside in nature is crucial to children’s overall development. Additionally, access to natural materials like mud, sand, water, and dirt and collaborating in a child-led group setting has  multiple benefits:


• Fosters Healthy Development of Sensory Systems
• Promotes Imagination
• Sparks Creativity
• Strengthens Gross & Fine Motor Function and Control
• Develops Problem Solving Skills
• Promotes Emotional Regulation and Management
• Fosters Cooperation & Development of Social Skills

Therapy Monkey Offers the Following Enrichment Camp Opportunities

Cartoon Camp

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Child with Slime
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